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About Lieven de Stad

Lieven de Stad is a young professional real estate organization committed to the Amsterdam housing market, focusing primarily on residential starters. Lieven de Stad is engaged in the rental, sale and management of homes, business premises and parking spaces. As a small organization, we strive for a flexible way of working and we have short lines that allow us to work pragmatically and put our tenant at the center of our focus.

request a repair or question?

How to act in case of emergency?

Contact the emergency number 112 in case of a life-threatening situation. Otherwise you can contact the number 020 2182255 if it concerns a matter in your building/unit. Please only use this number when necessary. If it turns out to be a call without immediate need of the use of our emergency service, costs can be assigned to your account.

Tips, complaints and questions

Do you have a tip or compliment for us? Do you wish to report housing fraud or nuisance? Are you dissatisfied with how we have dealt with a problem or do you simply have a question? Then please let us know via the website and we will get in touch with you.



What are the opening hours at Lieven de Stad?

You can contact the staff of Lieven de Stad 24 hours a day via the website.

Can I reach Lieven de Stad by telephone?

Employees of Lieven de Stad can be contacted via this website. You can pass on your details and questions via the website, and we will get in touch with you.

Where are the offices of Lieven de Stad?

Lieven de Stad has no offices. If you make an appointment we will be happy to visit you.

How do I transfer my rent?

The account number for paying rent to Lieven de Stad is NL55INGB0008132771. As normal, the payment should be made before the first of the month.

I wish to rent accommodation

To rent a home from Lieven de Stad, you are not required to register with Woningnet. For our current availability, surf to These homes are available for let as of now but you must fulfil a number of conditions.

Renting business premises

Are you looking for business premises? For our current availability, visit

Does Lieven de Stad also sell homes and am I able to buy my rented accommodation?

Submit your question via the website, and the staff of Lieven de Stad will get in touch with you.

How do I submit a request for repair work?

You can submit a request for repair work via the website. The staff of Lieven de Stad will then get in touch with you.

Why do I pay service charges?

In addition to the rent, every month you pay an amount for service charges. This covers such costs as glass insurance, sewer maintenance and cleaning in the common areas.

Damage and damage claims

Defects or events in or around your home can sometimes cause damage to your personal property. We therefore advise all our tenants to take out good home contents insurance. Any claim must always be submitted via your own home contents insurer.

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