About Lieven de Stad

Who we are
Lieven de Stad has over 1700 rental properties in Amsterdam. Together with our parent organization Lieven de Key, we strive to provide housing starters in Amsterdam. We are involved in the rental, sale and management of houses, business premises and parking spaces.

How do we work?
Lieven de stad does not have an office, but we will be happy to come to you if there are issues. As a small organization, we strive for a flexible way of working and we have short lines of communication that allow us to work pragmatically and put our tenant first.

Arcade is the tenants association of ánd for Lieven de Stad tenants. They discuss current issues with the director of Lieven de Stad. If you would like to become a member of Arcade, or if you aspire to a position on the Arcade board, please contact Arcade via this link.