What to do in case of a leakage

Do you have a leak or moisture problems, but don't immediately know what the cause is? Then turn off the main tap just to be sure. If the leak is in a water pipe, at least no more water will flow out now. You will find the main tap under the water meter. In most houses, this is in the meter box or in the basement. Turn the tap off or push the lever the other way.

Tip: There is still water in your pipes. Now open all the taps in your house to empty your pipes completely. If all goes well, no more water will leak.

Acute and heavy leakage

In case of an acute leakage, contact our emergency service on 020-2182255

Tip: If the leak comes from upstairs and you have upstairs neighbours, get in touch with your upstairs neighbours in advance if possible. The plumber will most likely need to be with your neighbours to fix the problem. 

Non-acute leakage

A non-acute leakage does involve moisture entering the house or running through the house in some way, but you do not need to take immediate action. In this case, contact customer service via the button 'Contact us'.