Rental specification

Rent and property valuation

The rent you pay is determined by various elements: the net rent, the service charges and the rent increase. To determine the quality of a house and to allocate points to it, we look at the following features:

  • Surface area;
  • Energy label;
  • Facilities in the house;
  • Property value (WOZ);
  • Living environment.

Service charges

Every year you will receive an overview of the paid advances and the service charges incurred. Did you pay too much? We will refund your money. Were the actual service charges higher? You will have to pay an additional amount. The final settlement takes place between the end of March and the end of June. You will receive a letter with an overview of the services you pay for. If you are in rent arrears at the time of this settlement, we will set off the amount to be received against the outstanding payment. If you rent a house for part of the year, you only pay service charges for that period.

Do you have questions about the final settlement? Please contact us.

Adjusting advance payments
We try to calculate advance payments in such a way that you do not have to pay extra. Each year, we will review whether adjustments are necessary. Electricity costs, for example, can change due to fluctuating energy prices. Should an adjustment of the advance payments be necessary, we will do this at the time of the annual rent increase as much as possible.